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With a unique combination of decades of personal and professional experiences with disability, Chris Hilderbrant Consulting provides a ‘safe space’ for your business to learn what it needs to do to comply with existing laws and ways to improve the experience you provide to your customers and employees with disabilities.

Mission Statement

To assist businesses, universities, nonprofits, municipalities, and others in providing a great experience for their customers and employees with disabilities

Chris Hilderbrant


We offer a unique combination of decades of personal and professional experiences with disability.



We provide a 'safe space' for your business to learn what it needs to do to comply with existing laws.



We find ways to improve the experience provided to customers and employees with disabilities.

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Together, we must remove the physical barriers we have created and the social barriers that we have accepted.


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The depth and breadth of Chris’s knowledge regarding disability, disability studies, the history of disability and the disability rights movement is comprehensive. Moreover, Chris’s teaching style is one that encourages active learning through classroom exercises, engaging students with questions intended to aid them in reflection and critical thinking, and through his openness and support of ongoing classroom discussion requiring students to participate in class in a meaningful manner.

- Pamela A. Viggiani, PhD, LMSW

  • Associate Professor, Greater Rochester Collaborative, MSW Program
  • Interim Program Director, The College at Brockport, BSW Program


I've worked with Chris for over a decade and he has time and again demonstrated an ability to combine an engaging personality with a depth of expertise on every aspect of culture and  policy related to disabilities, making him unique in his ability to shape the political discussion, provide insight and modify corporate culture - all while making people think, laugh and converse. Whether you are looking for a consultant to examine corporate policies, a presenter for your next conference, or an advocate to bring your issues to key decision makers, Chris' dedication and the respect he has earned from so many make him the perfect candidate.

- Bryan O’Malley, Executive Director

  • Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Association of NYS


Chris was instrumental in assisting me with compliance of ADA regulations for my brewery taproom during the build out phase.  As these regulations are often updated, it was great to have Chris's resources and knowledge to assist me with planning the correct parking signage, correct lift capabilities, bathroom stall size, and any other possible hurdles or just plain small details of table height and a section of bar lowered so my taproom is accessible to anyone and everyone.

- Scott Denhart, Owner Triphammer Bierwerks


Chris has been an invaluable business ally, giving us insight and
talent that separate him from his peers. He's timely, responsive, and
efficient. Chris has an incredibly diverse background, with a deep
working knowledge and willingness to collaborate. He's been an
invaluable asset to my company, and an absolute pleasure to work

- Marco Altieri, Chief Executive Officer

  • All-American Home Care


I’ve known Chris since just after his injury in 1990.  During that time, he has emerged as one of the most respected leaders in the disability community in our region.

- Doug Westerdahl, President/CEO

  • Monroe Wheelchair